Eco friendly tools and materials

Natural materials, non-toxic paints and building waste reduction are simple and efficient ways to contribute to more eco-friendly buildings and to a safer environment. Some of the traditional building methods and materials like composite timbers, volatile organic compounds found in paints and solvents or cadmium are heavy pollutants and are dangerous for human health. Others […]

Property maintenance: who needs it?

Property maintenance or building maintenance includes a very wide range of services. To avoid emergency interventions, it’s best to keep an eye on your property and plan the maintenance. Prevention is best, but reactive or emergency intervention is something nobody can entirely avoid. At Belmondo Building we offer general maintenance for commercial and residential spaces […]

Watch out for these 6 causes of roof leaks

The roof is an essential part of any wise building. It protects the house from rain and wind, keeps the heat inside and the walls in good condition, so ensuring that the roof is well maintained is key to a healthy and energy efficient home. Not even the best roofs last forever. Depending on the […]